What is Washi Tape?

by Trish Morgan

Hello, my name is Trish and I have a confession to make.       

I am absolutely, one hundred percent addicted to Washi Tape, and I mean completely and utterly hooked. I just cannot get enough of all the gorgeous, pretty, fun colours and designs. I'm sure many of you know what I am talking about right? I could stare at them for hours, but believe it or not, they are practical as well, and must be used, not just collected. 

So what is Washi Tape? 

It is a craft tape that originated in Japan, If you break down the word Washi - Wa means Japanese, and Shi means paper - "Japanese paper tape" - although it is now manufactured all over the world.

Washi Tape is repositionable on most smooth surfaces, which is great if you are a perfectionist (I definitely am not, I just let it lay where it first lands!) It is easy to tear with your hands as well, but of course you can cut it, if you like a straight edge. (Again not me!)

What can you use it for?

The answer to this question is, just about anything. You can use it to decorate anything you can think of. I use it for my planner, gift wrapping and card making mostly, but I have seen people decorate walls with it. If you are hooked too and need some inspiration on how to use it, check out my collection of ideas on Pinterest.

Easy Washi Tape Birthday Card         Washi Tape Wrapping Paper             Washi Tape Bow


If you aren't already hooked, (or even if you are of course) check out all the pretties - you are sure to find something you can't resist.

Trish x

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