About me

So many crafts, so little time….


Are you hooked on Washi Tape?
Can’t get enough twine?
Perhaps you’re a planner addict?
Or a genuine Hobby Hopper like me?

You’ve come to the right place!

I named my shop Hobby Hoppers because that is exactly what I am, one moment you will find me with a crochet hook and the next a paintbrush, but it was my love of Washi Tape and its versatility across so many mediums that started this craft adventure.

Creating handmade products to me is more than just craft. It is a moment of relaxation and sometimes therapy. When we devote ourselves to the joy of creating something with our hands it gives us a sense of fulfilment and brings us mountains of joy and happiness.

Hobby Hoppers is a means to that end, it is my goal to offer you beautiful, fun and colourful craft supplies that help and inspire you to express your own uniqueness and creativity.

Thank you for supporting an independent, creative business.