Super Easy Valentines Day Washi Tape Cards

by Trish Morgan
Easy Valentines Day Cards with Washi Tape

I haven't made any Valentines Day cards before, at my house Valentines Day comes and goes without anyone really noticing!

This year however was inspired to make some Valentines day cards, and it occurred to me as I was making them that it might be fun to send them to my friends and family. I know lots of people do this every year, but I had never really bothered until now. What a fun way to tell someone they are special. Why haven't I done this before?

The inspiration for these cards came from some Washi tape I was taking pics of, for the shop, and a heart punch I recently bought. I am an amateur card maker, so I wanted to create something simple, and what could be simpler than a Washi tape background with a heart? It is so quick and easy to make, that at this rate, every one I love will be getting some happy mail for Valentines Day! (If you are some one I love - don't count on it. I am going to try but making them is one thing - getting them to the post box is whole other story. Lol)

I started by punching out a bunch of hearts from card stock in complimentary colours to the Washi Tape I had chosen. Then I ran them through my Xyron Creative Station so they were ready to go ( you can use glue if you don't have a Xyron, but I don't like waiting for it to dry and I wanted these to be super quick! )

Xyron Creative Station Heart Stickers for Valentines Day Cards

Some of the hearts in this picture I made with Washi tape by putting down the tape on plain old copy paper and then punching them out. I cut around some to make them smaller then used the Xyron to stick them on the larger ones creating the hearts with the border you see in the image above.       

Next I covered a piece of card stock in Washi tape, sometimes in rows, sometimes in a collage type of style (see picture above) - I like to call this collage style quilted Washi!

Then I just stuck the heart on top. Too easy right? I added some stamped sentiments, and some little jewel thingys. I even added some flowers to one of the hearts. 

Pink Washi Tape Valentines Card Easy Red Washi Tape CardPink Floral Washi Tape Card

Like always you are only limited by your imagination. 

Now to get them to the post office..........

I would love to see your take on this super easy Washi tape card. If you make one be sure to tag me @hobbyhoppers or use the hashtag #hobbyhoopla.
Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day 
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